What is Dermaplaning? A powerful tool in the anti-aging arsenal

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 The Dermaplaning Cosmetic Procedure

Throughout the years, there have been many methods for attaining a flawless look with radiant skin. Photos capture every fine hair, wrinkle, line, or uneven patch of skin, and having flawless skin is quite the achievement. Women now have the option of using serums and even scalpels to create a clear and glowing complexion.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a simple and painless procedure during which a trained aesthetician uses feathering strokes to remove the hair. First, the aesthetician will ensure your face is thoroughly cleaned and appropriately dried. Once that is done, the aesthetician pulls an area of your skin taut and uses small movements to shave that area. The dead skin cells beneath the fine hairs are shaved off, leaving your skin smooth, exfoliated, and able to rejuvenate skin cells better.

Who Should Consider Dermaplaning?

Anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin and remove peach fuzz may find this process appealing. If you have dry skin, this can help cleanse the skin and allow for better absorption of moisture by ridding it of the dead and dry top layer of dermis. The same is true for those with mature skin that has a larger collection of dead cells that make the skin appear rough and older.

Who Should Avoid Dermaplaning?

The dermaplaning procedure is not for people with acne or those whose skin reacts negatively to chemical peels, as the blade may irritate your sensitive skin and cause razor burn and even soreness. If you have thick or excessive facial hair, you should avoid this type of skincare to prevent the potential result of ingrown hairs and stubble once the hair grows back.

You Can Achieve Younger-Looking Skin

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin by clearing away the top layer of skin that traps oil and dirt, then the dermaplaning procedure is for you. By the end of the session, after your skin has healed, you should have a younger looking face with smoother, more even skin, all without any surgical modification.