Telling the Story The Journey Continues
 o Gotta Go Back o Tell Me The Story o At The Corner of Mercy and Grace o Without The Lord o I Too Have Scars o Mary Was The First One o It'll Be Joy o What Amazes Me The Most o This Changes Everything o Midnight Cry o Camp Meeting o Rumor Mill o I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary o Look For Me At Jesus Feet o Homeland o A Moment of Grace o Heaven's Jubilee Medley o He's Still God o There Is Power In The Name of Jesus o I Am Redeemed
Visions of His Grace Love, Hope and Redemption
 o The Best Hallelujah In The House o If We Are Willing o I Can See Heaven From Here o Salvation's Lamb o He Says That I Am o I've Got A Right To Be Excited o Pour Your Grace o He'll Take You Through The Storm o Mary, Did You Know o Have You Thanked A Veteran o Safe On The Glory Side  o Don't Get Me Started o He'll Rewrite Your Story o He Came Through o Gospel Medley o Woke Up This Morning o Wedding Music o Acoustic Hymns Medley o Who Am I o His Life For Mine o Almost Home
Joe Gordon Projects
He Came Through In His Presence
 o Praise His Name o Through The Fire o He Came Through o Don't You Wanna Go o I Want To See Jesus o Please Come Down To Me o I Want To Know How It Feels o Who Am I o I'll See You Through o Written In Blood  o Children of the Dust o He'd Still Been God o In His Presence o He's Got A Way With Words o It's My Desire o Face to Face o There's More To Me o Love Was In The Room o I Wish You Were Here o Hero o Beulah Land
A Moment of Grace House of Plenty
 o A Moment of Grace o He's Got A Miracle For You o He'll Rewrite Your Story o Healed Perfect o In The Middle Of It All o Good Day o Master's Table o Lift Up The Name of Jesus o The Aisle o I'll Never Be Over The Hill o Walk Away o It Ain't New  o My Soul Loves You Lord o I've Never Been This Homesick Before o Come Oh Holy Spirit o The Love Behind The Cross o I Too Have Scars o What Amazes Me The Most o The Anchor Holds o I Bowed on My Knees And Cried Holy o Raging Seas o House Of Plenty
Steve Berry Projects Believing Is Seeing  o The End Of The Beginning o Show Me The Cross o Believing Is Seeing o The Time Is Now o I Too Have Scars o At Jesus Feet o They Keep The Child Inside Their Heart o I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages o It's A Cross Now Before Me o Oh, What A Savior
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